Domino’s Business Model Embraces Self-Awareness

Domino is a game in which players try to knock over the most number of pieces in a row without leaving any of them standing. The game is popular among children and adults of all ages, as well as people from many different cultures and backgrounds. This game requires a high level of concentration, as the pieces can fall rapidly. There are many ways to play domino, including scoring games in which the exposed ends of a domino must match (ones touch twos and threes touch fours). There are also layout games where the player attempts to create long lines of tiles.

Hevesh is a master of creating intricate domino designs, including 3-D structures and curved lines that make up pictures when they fall. She has worked on teams that have created projects involving 300,000 dominoes and helped set the Guinness record for most dominoes toppled in a circle: 76,017. Regardless of the complexity of her designs, Hevesh says one physical phenomenon is key to how she is able to get all of those dominoes to fall: gravity.

When Hevesh lays out her largest domino installations, she often tests each section to see how it works before they are put together. She films each test in slow motion so she can see exactly what needs to be changed to make the entire setup work properly.

This kind of self-awareness isn’t often seen in large corporations, but Domino’s has made it a key part of its business model. It is one of the reasons that it was able to turn things around so quickly in 2009.

The company’s CEO, Don Meij, appears regularly on the television show Undercover Boss. He is sent into various locations to observe how employees work and interact with customers. One particular episode involved a store that had been having problems with the quality of its pizza. Don Meij’s team was able to resolve the issue by listening closely to their customers and addressing their concerns.

In addition to listening to their employees, Domino’s pays close attention to what its customers say. The company’s slogan is “Champion Our Customers.” This is because Domino’s believes that if it doesn’t listen to its customers, it cannot be a successful business. This value is reflected in all of the company’s marketing campaigns.

As a writer, thinking of your scenes in terms of the domino effect can help you create more compelling and interesting stories. Think of each scene as a domino that has the potential to knock over all of the other scenes in your story. For example, a character’s reaction to a setback can have dramatic and unexpected consequences. Then, all of the other scenes that depend on that event will begin to fall into place. This will create a narrative that is both compelling and natural. This will lead to your readers enjoying the story more.